Vice City Brass is a collaboration of five musicians who bridge the generational gap between the music of past, present, and future. Founded in Miami, the group incorporates new timbres through a traditional brass setting combined with electronic elements, creating a sound stage of unfamiliar yet welcoming territory. Technology meets art, creating a musical palette of colorfully epic proportions.


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Jupiter 3000

Arrangement of a Gustav Holst classic, Jupiter 3000 is a EDM-inspired twist on The Planets. Channeling the electronic music that fills Miami night clubs into a staple of the repertoire is something our own Eric Bowman could pull off. Featuring our electronist Mike Greenberg on keytar!

Ibis Strut

Original composition by VCB trombonist, Eric Bowman! Ibis Strut bridges the gap between James Brown and brass quintet with a funky groove sesh underneath! As well as writing the piece, Eric takes a solo in the piece and absolutely kills it!  Also some trumpet pyrotechnics from Dr. G. Have a listen!


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